Electric RC Cars

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With Remote Control Cars Australia Has Fun

It’s the practical world’s gift to the leisure world. When the idea of remote-control units was first conceived in the late 19th century, it was for the benefit of the military, as so many revolutionary ideas are. Engineers all over the world competed with one another to find a way of operating vehicles, torpedoes and other devices from a distance. In those days a remote-controlled car was a full-size vehicle that could be made to move, switching between forwards or backwards, to get something done without a driver being endangered.
Fast forward to the 21st century and RC cars are scale models used for fun. Along the way we have had remotes for TVs, blinds, roller shutters for security and so on, but the inventors surely wouldn’t have imagined that the term RC cars Australia would one day represent a significant part of the leisure industry in this part of the world.

RC Cars for Sale for Solo Fun or Competition

Our online RC car shop supplies scaled-down electric vehicles for everyone to enjoy – and as a bonus, it’s a healthy activity that usually takes place outdoors but is not based on strenuous physical activity – although it does get people on their feet and out of the house, which is important in this age of sedentary occupations and with everyone glued to a screen somewhere. You can have fun with rechargeable RC cars and RC trucks anywhere with a nice firm surface, such as a park or an empty car park with enough room to allow the vehicles to reach high speeds (in some cases as much as 80km/h).

Having honed their skills on their own, many RC and hobbies fans like to pit their wits against others, be it one friend, several friends or other family members. It’s a great way to have fun with other people and a little competition can spice things up. Youngsters can enjoy taking on their friends or showing their parents how it’s done, and the older generation can quickly get bitten by the RC bug and want to buy a vehicle of their own.

Choose Your Own RC Car

At RC High Performance Hobbies We have a wide range of remote control car models to choose from. Fancy a Mustang or a Lambo? On-road or off-road? Or even RC drift cars? Pick the one that suits you and put it through its paces, creaming the opposition with your operational skills and razor-sharp reflexes.

Talking of skills, racing an RC car can be great for a young person’s development, challenging them to improve their motor skills and concentration, keeping them on their toes and making them think quickly.

For adults, a vehicle from our RC car shop can get you out of the house or the office and give you a bit of absorbing leisure time during which day-to-day worries can get parked for a while as you concentrate on something else.

Contact our Online RC Car Shop

You can view and shop all our models, RC parts and RC cars for sale online or if you prefer you can also contact us by phone or fill in our online form and we’ll get back to you. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and around 90% of our products are dispatched within 24 hours. This is how Australia is having fun and we can help you get your share.

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