1/10 Scale Electric RC Cars

All our 1/10 Scale RC Cars are ready to run (RTR) and come with charger and rechargeable battery. You just need to supply AA batteries for the remote. Read More

1/10 scale RC Cars: 100% Fun

When you look at a 1/10 RC car, it can be hard to imagine it alongside the real thing on which it is based. But one-tenth scale is a handy figure and that’s why models are made at that size. An RC car must be big enough to have some semblance of reality about it, a bit of weight for stability but not so much that it reduces speed and manoeuvrability.

Why do 1/10 RC Cars Vary in Size?

RC vehicles come in all sorts of styles, as do the ones they are inspired by. That means the sizes vary too, because a nippy, aerodynamic car is very different from a bulldozer or an excavator, both of which have their devotees. The detail in our vehicles is truly amazing and the fact that an RC bulldozer can really shift sand and dirt, for instance, is one of the things that make this hobby so popular.

How Come 1/10 RC Cars are such a Craze?

Their popularity is still growing, and here are some of the other reasons for that. First – get this – it is an outdoor activity – or can be, anyway. If you happen to have a ballroom in your home, which not many do these days, or you have access to something like a church hall, you can have fun with 1/10 scale RC cars indoors. Failing that, you’re going to be outside, either in your own backyard or in a public place such as an out-of-hours car park. Somewhere with a bit of room to race or perform.

It is good to get out in the fresh air, and it is the number one bugbear with parents that children spend all their time in their room, hunched over a smartphone. For that reason, they tend to be all in favour of RC vehicles.

Secondly – and this is another thing that pleases the older generations – using RC vehicles makes people use their brains. It improves coordination and sharpens reflexes. If you’re a youngster angling for a new 1/10 RC car, you might want to point these things out, just in case the person with the credit card doesn’t realise.

Are 1/10 RC Cars Just for Kids?

Absolutely not. The first RC car in your house might be for a child, but once the adults find out how much fun it is, they tend to start using the car themselves, and that can only go on for so long, because it’s even more fun with two.

How to Order a 1/10 Scale RC Car

You can call us during office hours, and we’ll answer your questions. If you don’t need that, and already know what you want, just click on it, add it to the cart and pay for it there and then. We will rush it to you and in no time the RC hobby will be part of your life. If you’re already a fan and are looking for a better model or a different category to give you some variety, nothing could be simpler.

And if you’re thinking about ways to spread the cost, we’ve got that covered too. Look at the Afterpay and Laybuy options or talk to our team at RC High Performance Hobbies and we’ll tell you all about them. Read Less

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