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All our Electric Rc Rock Crawlers are ready to run (RTR) and come with charger and rechargeable battery. You just need to supply AA batteries for the remote. Read More

How a 4 x 4 RC Crawler Adds a New Dimension

Whoever invented the wheel must have thought that, although it was fantastic on a smooth, level surface, it had its limitations when it came to rough terrain. Even Henry Ford, all those years later, couldn’t have imagined the successors to his Model T would be able to deal with rocks and super-rough roads. But science, in the shape of what are now known as R&D (research and development) departments, wasn’t going to let such a state of affairs persist forever.

The automobile engineers and designers were far from finished and they were determined to create vehicles that could handle just about anything.

Enter the rugged-wheeled, super-suspension machine with the body high above, safely out of the way. At RC High Performance Hobbies we have a lot in our range in the category of electric crawlers/rock climbers. Take the 1/18 electric 4WD RTR RC rock crawler, for instance. The wheels may be firmly planted on Earth, but the body is virtually in space. It’s a fine-looking vehicle and we offer it at an astonishingly low price.

The great thing about using a rock crawler RC car is that you have far more freedom regarding where you use it. An area that would be too bumpy for RC drift cars or any of the sleeker types might be just what you need. Take a Wltoys electric 4WD RTR remote control rock crawler to a piece of wasteland, for instance, and it won’t bat an eyelid. This Jeepish, Land Rovery beast may look a bit more urban than some of the out-and-out crawlers, but it can’t half look after itself out there. And again, just look at the price. It makes you want to get something else while you’re about it.

Or there’s the HB 1/10 electric 4WD RTR RC rock climber with LED lights and two rechargeable batteries Top of the range but still very affordable.

Spreading the Cost of Your RC Rock Climber

If all this talk about reasonable prices is making you think, “Hang on, it’s still more than I can spare,”

Don’t worry, help is at hand. You can spread the cost with our Afterpay or LayBuy options.

Talking of the Cost of an RC Rock Crawler in Australia…

When it comes to RC cars Australia is perfect because in addition to having the cities with their RC-friendly surfaces, we also have plenty of natural, untamed areas where you can really put an RC rock climber through its paces.

Ordering a 4×4 RC Crawler and Getting Advice

You can order and pay online with a credit card any time you like. If you would like to talk to a customer service advisor, call us during office hours or fill in the online contact form and we’ll get back to you. There is more to RC cars than meets the eye including RC tyres, so if you’re just taking up the RC hobby, or perhaps buying for someone else, we will be delighted to help in any way we can. It can be an absorbing way to spend an evening, browsing the RC accessories on our website, but we know sometimes there is no substitute for talking to someone who knows their stuff, and that’s us.

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