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All our Electric Rc Planes come ready to fly (RTF) and comes with charger and rechargeable battery. You just need to supply AA batteries for the remote. Read More

Fly High in Your Leisure Time with RC Airplanes

The miracle of flight is not really a miracle at all: it’s a triumph over the force of gravity using scientific principles. When the air pressure above a moving aircraft’s wing is lower than the pressure below it, if it’s well designed it will fly – and that may not be miraculous, but it certainly seems like magic when you make it happen. That is part of the appeal of a remote-control plane and also part of the reason why electric RC planes are so popular.

What Kinds of RC Planes does RC High Performance Hobbies Have?

Today’s aircraft are very different from those made famous by those magnificent men in their flying machines, Baron von Richthofen and so on. But the thrill remains the same today as it was when the daredevil barnstormers would entertain a gasping public with their low-flying derring-do. Our RC planes reflect that.

From a modern-day civilian light aircraft, a nippy little workhorse such as a Cessna 182, to a futuristic F-16 or a retro WW2 Wildcat, we have a wide range of remote control planes for sale so you can choose the remote control model aircraft that matches your personality at RC High Performance Hobbies. Each model is superbly crafted, realistically styled and flies like a dream. Add your skills as the pilot/remote-control operator and the scene is set for a lot of fun.

Is a Radio Control Plane for Adults or Children?

They are for both. Adults can enjoy the simple pleasure of mastering an RC plane and keeping it in the air, maybe performing fancy manoeuvres while they forget the stresses and strains of everyday life. It’s a great way to switch off and relax, or rather switch over to the fun-loving part of your brain and concentrate on something different.

For youngsters RC planes, RC boats and remote control cars are not just for playing; they can help with development of motor skills and concentration, problem-solving and accepting responsibility, as keeping an electric RC airplane in the air and out of trouble is something to be taken seriously because if it crashes or disappears out of sight, the game is over at least for the time being.

And of course, this all happens outdoors, so for parents, it is a great way of getting a child out of their room and concentrating on something more worthwhile than their mobile phone or a shoot-em-up war game on the laptop. Flying hobby RC planes can be a great family activity too. Find yourself a nice spot out in the fresh air and everyone can enjoy themselves and admire each other’s skills.

Many of our hobby remote control airplanes come with an extra battery to keep you flying, and we also have a range of spare RC batteries and RC parts so you can carry out maintenance on your remote controlled planes and impress upon the youngsters how important that sort of consideration is.

Contact Us and Get Your Own RC Airplane

We offer great customer service – a real person will answer your call – and most of our RC hobbies products are dispatched within 24 hours.

Then you can get on with the modern leisure phenomenon that is flying electric RC planes.

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