Nitro Buggies

All our Nitro Buggies come fully assembled. You will however need a to buy a nitro starter to heat up the glow plug, Nitro car Fuel and AA Batteries for the remote. Read More

RC Buggy Remote Control: How Tech Can Be Rugged

A buggy is a rugged, tough machine that can handle all sorts of terrain. That’s why the vehicles that play a major part in space exploration as they bustle around over lunar dust, bumps and craters are called moon buggies.

Get yourself a remote-control buggy from RC High Performance Hobbies and you could be in charge of a vehicle with an all-metal chassis and oil-filled shock absorbers. With a Brushless RC Buggy engine and 2.4GHZ Digital Frequency remote controller, you can achieve up to 100m of control range.

Choose your venue carefully, with a few challenging bumps and hollows if you like, the sort of terrain you might normally avoid. A high-speed RC buggy from our workshop can handle things that a normal model car can’t. If off-roading appeals to you with a real car but it can be hard to find a place to do it, with an RC buggy remote control in your hand you can boldly go where other no model has gone before. If you are feeling adventurous you can even participate in remote control buggy racing.

How an RC Off-Road Buggy Can Help a Child’s Development

Some youngsters are more into a bit of rough-and-tumble than others, and an RC off-road buggy could be just what they need. They can pit their wits against the terrain, improving their motor skills and learning life lessons about swashbuckling behaviour and its limits without harming themselves. Get them involved in the maintenance and cleaning, and even fitting new parts from our extensive range of spares and you can add a touch of responsibility to the fun.

Contact Us for a High-Speed RC Buggy

Our commitment to customer service runs right through from initial enquiry to after-sales service. For a start, when you call us during office hours you will be greeted by a real human being, one of our helpful staff who can answer any queries you may have, because we know you sometimes have a question that FAQs and phone options don’t cover.

The RC High Performance Hobbies website contains detailed descriptions of our models, from RC buggies to RC boats and planes, but if there is anything else you want to know, ask away. What model would be most suitable for a certain skill level? What’s the difference between ready-to-run (RTR) and build-it-yourself (kit) remote control models? Which RC parts or RC car wheels are right for me? We’ll do our very best to help you.

So, you can simply phone us or filling the online contact form with our details, and we’ll get back to you.

As for delivery, in most cases our RC hobby shop can dispatch an item within 24 hours. Our buggies may be rugged, but our customer service is real smooth.

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