Nitro RC Cars

All our Nitro RC Cars come fully assembled. You will however need a to buy a nitro starter to heat up the glow plug, Nitro car Fuel and AA Batteries for the remote.
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The Ultimate in Realism: RC Nitro Cars

Electric RC cars are very realistic in appearance, but we are all still accustomed to vehicles that make an engine noise, and you don’t get that with electric power. It’s one of the things that have prevented full-size real electric car racing from taking off because the noise of F1 cars is part of the excitement.

If you feel that way about the RC hobbies world too, you need to get a nitro remote control car. These use a special fuel that is combustible, and they create exhaust fumes to go with the noise of a real engine doing its work.

For the benefit of the newcomer to RC nitro cars, and without getting too technical, they work by the fuel – a mixture of nitromethane and methanol – being set off by a glow plug igniter. That is pretty much how it works in a standard internal combustion engine. It generates a lot of power, but of course, it also comes with the need for care and attention.

Safety Considerations for RC Nitro Cars

By its very nature, unlike an electric RC car, a nitro RC car needs to be handled with care. Although the nitromethane mixture is not as volatile as petrol, it does ignite and therefore must be handled with care. That said, even someone relatively unskilled in this area can soon get the hang of attending to the performance of the engine.

This is a great attraction for those who do have such skills and is also an excellent way for a young person to learn some basics of car maintenance, albeit on a very small scale. That can make a nitro remote control car a great learning tool, and many parents see it as an excellent way to make a youngster really think about things rather than waiting for someone else to sort them out. There is also the benefit of getting the RC nitro car driver out in the open air, not to mention maintaining the car so it keeps performing at its best.

Special Skills Involved in Using a Nitro Car

One of the key skills that nitro car fans must master is fuel conservation. Just as in full-size racing, where drivers have to manage things like tyre wear and fuel consumption, a nitro car needs to be raced carefully. If you keep it flat out at all times you will get through a tank of fuel quite quickly, and you’re not going to have and F1-style crew refilling it in a flash. That means you have to think when racing a nitro car – but using your brain is all part of the fun.

Questions? Give us a Call!

You can order and pay for a remote control nitro car any time through the website, but if you need some advice, our customer service team at RC High Performance Hobbies is available during office hours. Give us a call or fill in the online contact form and we will get back to you. We can advise you on everything from fuel matters to RC car accessories and spreading the cost of payment. Our Nitro cars are not particularly expensive, but many people find it more convenient to use our Afterpay or LayBuy options. Just ask and we will explain everything.

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