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The Complex World of the Remote-Control Car Battery

A battery is a battery is a battery, right? Well, no. If you’ve ever needed to change a battery for a watch or something like that, you will have found yourself squinting at the writing on a little silver disc and then asking in every general store you can find until you happen upon the right one. Here is as much variety in RC car batteries. Take a look at the batteries page on our RC hobbies stores website and you will see there are a lot of options.

Different manufacturers and different models use different RC batteries, and they are special ones, so you can’t just go out and get a pack of regular batteries just to make sure. You need to identify the right RC car battery or RC boat battery for your model – and that store that sells everything in a back street downtown is highly unlikely to have it

We, on the other hand, are very likely indeed to have the RC parts you need, because that’s the business we are in.

Choosing the Right RC Batteries

First things first: know the make and model of your vehicle. Preferably take the existing battery out and keep it handy so you can match it with what you see online. The details should be on the battery, but it also helps your search if you know the shape and colour you’re looking for.

Why do the manufacturers use so many different types? You would have to ask them that, but it is probably a combination of shape, size, quality and cost. Weight has to be a consideration because in the scale model world performance is influenced by what the vehicle is lugging around.

Battery technology is improving all the time because so many everyday things depend on it, and that covers everything from that hefty lump in your real car to what is in your phone. They are so confident in that respect; phones are sealed these days so you can’t get a new battery and install it yourself. But then your mobile phone isn’t racing around on the ground or the water, driving an engine, so RC batteries have to be designed differently.

How to Order Your RC Boat Battery or RC Car Battery

Have a good look at the RC batteries page and make sure you are replacing like with like. Then you simply click on it to add it to the cart. Pay for it by credit or debit card and you’re in business. We aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours, so no matter what part of the country you are in, your order should be with you soon.

If you are still not sure you’re ordering the right RC accessories and want to double-check, you can call us during office hours and a member of our RC High Performance Hobbies customer service team will be pleased to answer your questions and give any advice you need.

Alternatively, just fill in the online contact form, giving as much detail as you can in terms of make and model and what it says on your existing battery. That will help us to pinpoint the item you need, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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