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RC Car Motors: The Heart of the Vehicle

Whether you are a drift car person or you’re into crawlers, trucks, excavators, boats, or planes, the motor is at the heart of the thing. RC car batteries are important, moving parts are obviously crucial and there is the matter of how it looks, because that is important too, just as it is with a full-size vehicle because we want our vehicle to look cool too. But the motor is what gets it moving.

Is a Brushless Motor Better Than a “Traditional” RC Electric Motor?

If you are reading this, the chances are you’re a bit of a technician, rather than purely an RC vehicles fan, but even the non-technically minded are entitled to a bit of background information, so bear with us.

Brushless motors have their advantages, a major one being that they generate more power and speed. They are also less demanding on the battery, so you can get more mileage out of one charge. Another factor involves a brushless motor’s superior performance as a drag brake which is why they are particularly popular with brushless RC buggies.

Then there is the fact that an RC brushless motor tends to be smaller, which is particularly important in RC planes, and less susceptible to water and fine debris, which suggests RC boats but can apply to any RC vehicle.

All the research and development in RC electric motors is going into brushless, just as it is in the full-size motoring world. That means brushless technology is likely to continue to improve.

Having said all that, the RC electric motors in our range that are not brushless have been doing a fantastic job for years and they still do, so they should not be disregarded. In the full-size world, the move towards electric vehicles is all about environmental considerations rather than dissatisfaction with the performance of the internal combustion engine. That doesn’t enter the equation with RC cars because the vast majority are electric anyway. RC hobbies are environmentally friendly, and get you out in the fresh air too.

Choosing the Right RC Motor for Your Project

A simple replacement of an RC motor is just a case of seeing what’s in there now and ordering another one the same. That means the non-techie can get the right one, remove the damaged or malfunctioning item and install the new one.

For the technically minded, though, this might be an upgrading job, and if you know exactly what you’re doing, go ahead and order whichever RC motor you want and do your stuff.

In either case, however, our customer service team at RC High Performance Hobbies would be very happy to help. It is all part of the service for us because we want satisfied customers, and if a bit of advice is what’s needed, ask away and we’ll answer your questions to the best of our ability.

To order an RC car motor online, just click on the one you want, add it to your basket and pay with a credit or debit card. It could be winging its way to you within 24 hours.

For a chat with a Customer Service advisor, you can call us during office hours or fill in the online contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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